Laurel Barrett


Laurel Barrett is a best selling author, inspirational speaker, documentary film producer and noted expert on heroes, success and spiritual enlightenment. She has interviewed 1,000’s of luminaries and heroes on the universal principles of success for Heroes for Humanity International and her upcoming films, The Hero In You and Success Commandments.

Laurel Barrett is CEO and founder of HEROES FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL, a company that celebrates heroes from all walks of life with awards, recognition and events designed to empower and inspire.

In a world where positive stories are often overshadowed by news of war, injustice and global warming, Heroes for Humanity sees the true light, providing positive inspirational stories from every day people and in-depth insight from some of the most influential leaders of our time. The vision is to awaken to the hero within, and positively impact a billion lives.

“Every time I was introduced to someone new they seemed to have an amazing story about someone who influenced their lives,” Barrett says.
“We all need mentors and role models who positively influence us- and everyone has one, whether it’s a teacher, movie star or next door neighbor. I think it’s time we share the stories and celebrate all of the heroes in our lives and the hero that we all can be.”

Determined to bridge the gap between the entrepreneurial spirit and those who’ve achieved monumental success in their lives, Barrett set out on a personal journey to unmask the secrets behind their accomplishments. She has traveled extensively across the United States and to places as far away as India, Hong Kong and Italy to record invaluable conversations with some of the world’s most influential business and spiritual leaders of our time.
She will soon share their stories and philosophies in her upcoming books, documentary and movie, The Hero in You and The Success Commandments.

Barrett is a dynamic inspirational speaker, best-selling author, hero expert consultant, real estate maven, entrepreneur and enlightenment trainer. She is currently involved in the highly anticipated, The Secrets of Virtuosos, a remarkable look at the secrets behind the universal laws of success in a highly anticipated best-selling expert series for books, television and film.

“With our books, film, digital marketing and national media platforms, we have a way to share insight with the world. Our little grassroots effort has grown into something that is more than we ever imagined, and if we can change lives throughout the world by inspiring people to find their own success to create a positive impact, then we’ve done our job.” Laurel Barrett
Barrett attended Southern Methodist University, has spent the past 15 years on the board of numerous charitable organizations, and continues to volunteer time, energy and spirit to Art, Wellness and Education. She is co- founder of Barrett International Real Estate, Heroes for Humanity International and Success Empowerment Entertainment.