Antione McBay


Antione McBay is one of the most respected and recognized businessmen from America (Dallas, Texas) currently living in Asia. For over 25 years Antione has imprinted his knowledge and marketing influence and skills upon many corporations throughout the U.S. and now the world representing a wide variety of products and services common in households including cryptocurrency.

Antione is a successful corporate development specialist in every sense of the word. His marketing career began due to an injury playing American football, effectively ending his dream of playing at the professional level.  He believes the injury happened for a “bigger reason” and as a result, he strives to help others focus on and improve their life circumstances.  Along the way, this process has enabled him to be successful in marketing beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

Antione has been featured in “Success from Home” magazine on 4 different occasions.  He was also featured on the cover of “Southern Dallas Business & Living” magazine (Money Issue) and voted by the oldest African American newspaper as Business man of the year in Dallas Texas.